Unlock Efficiency with Restaurant Procurement Solution

Experience streamlined procurement for your restaurant, saving you valuable time and money. Our solution simplifies the ordering process, ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries from trusted suppliers.
What benefits will you get?
Food Cost Reduction
Labour Cost Reduction
Order Completion Rate
10 min
Order Creation Time
Streamlined Purchase Process
Effortlessly manage all your suppliers and ingredients. Generate templated purchase orders in seconds, review order totals, and approve drafts on-the-go. Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork, calls, emails, or texts. Zero installation required from your suppliers, ensuring a seamless experience with zero effort on your end.
Precision Ordering with Suggested Quantity & Actual Stock
Avoid overstocking or understocking. Get visibility on Actual Stock Balance & Suggested Quantity, and effortlessly order the exact quantity needed during your next procurement operation - all at the click of a button.
Simplified Ordering by Category
Take the complexity out of ordering for your team by categorizing items from different suppliers under a single category. Enhance efficiency by setting preferred suppliers for regular sourcing, accelerating the purchasing process. Sending multiple purchase orders is just a click away.
Data-Driven Cost Savings
Empower your restaurant with accurate insights using DocsInBox. Track the purchase value per supplier, monitor price fluctuations, and identify discrepancies to implement cost-cutting measures swiftly. Gain profound insights into your purchasing patterns, pinpoint suppliers leading to maximum savings, and assess supplier performance for better negotiation. DocsInBox puts you in control of your costs, empowering you to boost your bottom line.
Optimize your restaurant's procurement
Revolutionize your B2B transactions in Saudi Arabia with our ZATCA-approved e-invoicing solution! Seamlessly integrated for compliance, efficiency, and unparalleled convenience. Get started today and streamline your invoicing process effortlessly!
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