E-invoicing to connect restaurants & supplier's accounting system

Revolutionizing the way restaurants and suppliers handle their invoicing
Restaurant document management in one window:
Electronic invoices
Uploading to the accounting system
Price control upon delivery
Orders online & Price lists
Challenges for Restaurants:
WhatsApp & Email Orders
Procurement Control & Price Management
Feedback & Delivery Terms
Price Discrepancies & Inventory
Receipt Discrepancies & Invoice Loss
Handling Additional Orders
Challenges for Suppliers:
Diverse Order Channels
Price Management
Manually entering orders
Late Feedback & Pricing Errors
Promoting EDI Adoption
Handling Invoices with Cross Outs
What do we offer our partners?
Experience a game-changer in invoicing! Our software simplifies restaurant invoicing, minimizing paperwork and errors. Simultaneously, suppliers benefit from efficient digital invoice processing.

Additionally, with an average monthly purchasing turnover of AED 60,000, our solution facilitates 5% savings through price monitoring, alerting owners to market variations.

Join us for streamlined invoicing, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness like never before!
How does it work
01. Receive a price list
Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with supplier ERPs. Experience automatic updates of price lists, ensuring your orders are always accurate and up-to-date. Streamline your operations effortlessly for enhanced productivity.
02. Send & Receive reply to Orders
Send Purchase Orders directly to your supplier's ERP system, enabling swift acceptance or rejection of orders. Plus, easily provide valuable feedback on delivered orders, fostering a seamless and responsive partnership. Elevate your operational efficiency with this game-changing integration.
03. Invoice & Adjustments
Say goodbye to manual invoice handling. With our DocsInBox solution, seamlessly receive supplier invoices directly from their ERP to your system. Streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency by automating the invoice process. Elevate your business with hassle-free integration - because simplicity is the key to success.
Comprehensive Software Solution
A solution for restaurants and supplier's ERP systems. Our platform enables seamless integration, automating e-invoicing processes and improving overall efficiency.
Efficient Procurement
Our service is dedicated to enhancing the procurement process for restaurants and suppliers. Our software solution allows businesses to easily manage orders, track inventory, and optimize their supply chain.
Streamlined Integration
We provide seamless integration between restaurants and suppliers' ERP systems, allowing efficient and automated e-invoicing processes. Our software solution eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, saving both time and resources.
Effective Communication
Streamlining communication and collaboration between restaurants and suppliers. With our software solution, both parties can easily exchange information, track orders, and resolve any issues.
Do you want to revolutionize the way restaurants and suppliers handle their invoicing?
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