Simplify Finances with Restaurant Electronic Invoicing

Say goodbye to manual invoicing hassles. Our electronic invoicing module automates the invoicing process, reducing errors and cutting costs. Efficiently manage settlements and enhance your restaurant's financial workflow.
What benefits will you get?
Reduced from 4% to 0.7%
Number of Items with price difference
Reduced from 2% to 0.4%
Losses because of unapproved price change
Effortless Invoice Management
Effortlessly manage every aspect of your invoices. Record, track, and visualize every transaction with precision. Our system is designed for unparalleled accuracy, catering to complex scenarios.
Transparent Price Settings
Gain control over how price fluctuations impact your financial data. Our system allows you to establish transparent settings for Zero-Priced, Higher-Priced, and Discounted Items, ensuring accurate cost analytics.
Adaptability to Complexity
Tailored for the intricacies of restaurant operations, our solution thrives in handling diverse invoice scenarios. Encounter missing items? Easily mark your invoice as partially received. Need to rectify an error? Our system provides seamless solutions for precise management.
Empowering Decision-Making
Command the impact of price changes on your metrics. With our system, you can set clear parameters for Zero-Priced, Higher-Priced, and Discounted Items, empowering you with accurate insights for informed decision-making.
Unlock advanced control over your restaurant's finances
Revolutionize your B2B transactions in Saudi Arabia with our ZATCA-approved e-invoicing solution! Seamlessly integrated for compliance, efficiency, and unparalleled convenience. Get started today and streamline your invoicing process effortlessly!
Take your Restaurant business to the next level
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